3mm Pellet Dry Ice


High density,
Used for industrial hygiene
Purity 99.99%

Block Dry Ice

High density,
Used for refrigeration, industrial hygiene
Purity 99.99%

Pure and useful Dry ice

Hoang Thanh Corp specializes in supplying Dry ice lines created from advanced, modern and quality well-tested technology.

Reliable Dry ice supplier

When choosing to purchase Dry ice products at our facility, customers can be assured of the quality, characteristics, properties,… of ice as well as cost factor.
In particular, we offer a wide range of products that are processed and treated in a certain way to produce finished products in their respective form. Therefore, our products offer a variety of choices and meet the needs of our customers in the best way.

Some product lines that we provide

3mm pellet dry ice: high density, purity 99.99%, commonly used in the field of industrial hygiene
Block Dry ice: high density, purity 99.99%, used for refrigeration and industrial cleaning
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