Delivery Policy

In order to help customers in ordering and receiving goods in a short time, and no time waste and effort to come directly to the store to carry goods, Hoang Thanh Corp is currently providing delivery policy for all customers who order the product.

Objects supported by delivery policy

All customers when ordering products in our shop will be supported fast professional delivery.

Customers within the province or outside the province will be supported this policy best.

Range of delivery policy support

We support the transportation of goods to customers nationwide.

Customers only need to provide the exact address, in particular, our staff will conduct the transportation to the place according to customer requirements.

Content of delivery policy

For customers within the province, we will support free shipping. For customers outside the province, shipping costs will be calculated based on the volume of goods as well as geographical distance respectively.

Before shipping, the forwarder will contact the customer to schedule a specific time and place for delivery.

Customers need to provide accurate, specific address information. In the case of changing address, it is necessary to report to us soon to be handled the best.

With a professional, whole-hearted team, we are committed to transporting goods as the customer’s needs in the shortest possible time.

In the case that the customer does not receive the goods after the 3 to 4 days of ordering, the customer should contact us again to confirm the status of the goods as well as detect possible errors occured during the supply of the product.

For more information about Hoang Thanh Corp’s delivery policy, customers can access the website