Regulations and forms of payment

Customers can make payment to Hoang Thanh Corp in the following forms:

1/ Direct payment by cash on delivery:

Customers order at the store will be supported by home delivery service. Customers only need to announce the quantity, type of product to buy and provide address.

We will support the transportation to the place according to customer requirements.

When the goods are shipped to the requested address, the customer can check the quantity, quality and payment for our staff according to the invoice provided..

2/ Direct payment at the store’s address:

For customers ordering and receiving goods directly at our store, you can make direct payment at the store, after checking the quantity and quality of goods.

Prior to payment, customers should check the quantity and quality of the product thoroughly, and at the same time quotes attached to avoid errors and mistakes. The cashier will confirm the payment for each order.

3/ Payment by bank transfer:

For remote customers having demand of ordering, payment can be made via bank transfer. We will provide bank account information so that customers can transfer as quickly as possible. After confirming receipt of the payment, we will carry out the packing and shipping to the address as requested by the customer..

Our staff will respond promptly after receiving payment from the customer. In case of no response, customers can contact us to be re-confirmed.

For more information about regulations and policies related to payment, please visit our website