The leading ranges of Dry ice blasting machine

Using Dry ice blasting machine in industrial hygiene offers many optimal benefits. Hoang Thanh Corp is the address providing the machine imported genuinely and at the best price.

Dry ice blasting machine is the most advanced industrial sanitary machine which is popularly applied today. Hoang Thanh Corp is proud of being the pioneer in importing and supplying the genuine machine lines from the brand: Foseco, Coldjet, Karcher, Victex, Bono…

Find out about Dry ice blasting machine

The Dry ice blasting machine is revolutionary in industrial hygiene because dry ice cubes made of CO2 will dry completely on the surface and evaporate instantly.

Because compressive force from CO2 removes the structure of the stain on the surface to be cleaned and, therefore, is environment-friendly and not as toxic as the chemical cleaning method.

Advantages of using Dry ice blasting machine

Because it does not produce waste, it is very environment-friendly, unlike other chemical or solvent methods.

No to-be-cleaned surface abrasion, the process of cleaning is very light, unlike manual methods of using brushes or steel scraps that cause scratches or surface peeling.

Fast speed, low cost, high performance.

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