Dry ice blasting machine for industrial hygiene leasing

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Clean with Dry ice blasting machine

Breakthrough in industrial sanitation

Nowadays, when the industrial production sector is booming, there are many new technologies and products. Along with that, the issue of environmental management and industrial hygiene should be paid much attention.

Clean with Dry ice blasting machine, also known as super low temperature cleaning. This is the method of using accelerated Dry ice particles with ultrasonic speed. Thanks to the super low temperature and high speed of these Dry ice particles, it creates “tiny blasts” on the surface of the components to be cleaned (due to sudden cooling), breaking the structure of the dirt on the to-be-cleaned surface details.

The cleaning mechanism of this technology is as follows:

  1. The temperature of the Dry ice is very low, about -79 degrees Celsius, sprayed from the Dry ice blasting machine, dry ice is in contact with the surface to be cleaned, due to reaction with cold temperatures, to-be-cleaned dirt and surface shrink at different speeds, creating cracks in the dirt surface.
  2. Solid CO2 molecules move at high speed, colliding strongly with the surface of the impurities, creating more cracks in the dirt surface
  3. Through cracks, tiny dry ice particles through the dirt on the surface are exposed to the underlying surface. This warmer surface makes the solid CO2 convert into gas (the sublimation nature of solid CO2), CO2 gas is about 800 times greater than solids. When this layer of gas forms below the dirt, it creates tiny explosions and remove the dirt.

Compared with conventional industrial cleaning methods, Dry ice blasting machine has many outweighing advantages.:

  • Save time for production and businessRegular cleaning requires the removal of the equipment/line, disassembly and transport to a dedicated area for manipulation. Using Dry ice blasting machine method, equipment is cleaned in place, no need to disassemble, even no stop production in some specific cases.
  • Thorough cleaningSmall slots or niches of equipment will not be easy to clean if using conventional methods. With the flexibility of the CO2 spray nozzle, the difficulty is simple when using a dry ice cleaning method.
  • No secondary waste: Wastes after cleaning with Dry ice is only dust removed from the surface. No dirty water, dirty sand or cleaning chemicals like old methods. The treatment of waste is simple and cost-effective.
  • No surface abrasion: Sand spray, using a brush or cleaning agent can damage the surface to be cleaned, there is completely no surface abrasion with Dry ice cleaning method.
  • Cost-saving: The downtime of machinery is reduced, productivity is increased. On-site cleaning does not require dismantling of the equipment – reduce downtime. No chemicals and solvents – no hazardous waste. No damage to the cleaning surface – increase equipment life.
  • Safe and environment-friendly: CO2 is not toxic, safe for workers; safe for products produced on the transmission line; safe for equipment and environment-friendly.

Dry ice cleaning technology is widely used in many industrial fields.

  • Automotive Industry
  • Plastic processing / rubber molding / extrusion industry
  • Semiconductor Technology
  • Food processing
  • Plating / Printing
  • Electrical / Electronics
  • Casting industry
  • Aerospace / Aviation
  • Metal fabrication
  • Paper processing industry