Policy & General Regulations

Service standards

Customers who want to order from Hoang Thanh Corp will be consulted heartily about the product type, product quality as well as the price corresponding to the item that you needs to order.

Our products are genuine, high quality and certified by the competent authorities. At the same time, the price of our products is committed to the right price compared to the general market.

When ordering from, you will be assisted delivery service as required.

Limited conditions

Hoang Thanh Corp does not accept delivery of goods at delivery locations not in the direct delivery route of the company.

The company does not accept return, exchange, warranty for products provided by ourselves. Therefore, customers must check the quantity and quality of the product thoroughly before signing the receipt.

Service process

Our service process is carried out according to the steps below:

Step 1: Receive orders from customers.

Step 2: Consult and give specific quotation corresponding to customer orders.

Step 3: Confirm purchase and receive payment.

Step 4: Goods delivery and hand-over as required.

Some regulations

a – Regulations on the form of payment

Customers pay cash immediately upon receipt or bank transfer to the account provided by the company.

b – Shipping policy

Customers are supported to transport the goods to the place according to the address provided.

c – Privacy policy

All customers who purchase from us will be guaranteed the best privacy policy.

Personal information, payment information, purchase information, etc. will be confidential and only accessible by authorized persons.

For further advice and support on our policies and regulations when ordering our products, customers can access the website https://natra.com.vn/