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Natra Global,. Ltd a company specialized in supplying industrial sanitation equipment with dry ice blasting technology and a service of using advanced, modern Dry ice, opening the new application of dry ice in life.

Dry ice is a strange name for people, but it is applied in many industries from food to metal because of their excellent features and excellent ability.

The application of Dry ice as well as the possession of industrial hygiene equipment by Dry ice blasting technology imported genuinely, quality can be found at Hoang Thanh Corp.

If you would like to order industrial cleaning services with Dry ice blasting technology, please use the services of Hoang Thanh Corp – a leading provider of the dry ice making equipment and associated services with over 5-year experience in cooperation with supply partners and customers.

What will you get when you come to Natra Global?

Qualified service with good price from Natra Global

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Be the company using the world’s most advanced cleaning and cooling methods by dry ice blasting technology. So what is dry ice?

In the simple term, dry ice is a cooled CO2 gas, so dry ice can only be in a snow-white solid at -790C, or in gas, so it can be said that it is cleaning method that does not leave secondary waste.

Natra Global specializes in supplying dry ice blasting equipment, dry ice generator, as well as CO2 fibrous dry ice, imported genuinely for the purpose of refrigeration and sanitation with advanced technology from reputable brands in the world.

In addition, the company also has five-year experience equivalent to the time of providing industrial cleaning services with dry ice blasting technology for industrial parks or any location, or even furniture, the car engine or house … we can perfectly clean the safest and the most perfect for places used this service.

  • The strength of Natra Global

Natra Global provides the best dry ice equipment on the market

With considerable experience in this industry with this new advanced technology in the world, few companies have the knowledge and professionalism as at Natra Global.

In addition, experienced human resources in consulting as well as proficient use of dry ice making equipment and equipment in performing industrial dry ice cleaning is also a plus for Natra Global if you intend to use the service, please purchase equipment at this unit.

Moreover, partners with many large companies and reputations in the use of dry ice industrial cleaning services also show the excellence and quality of service coming from Natra Global.

Why should use services from Natra Global?

Industrial cleaning services with dry ice blasting technology are much cleaner than conventional services, do not need to dismantle the equipment, and leave no dust and other secondary waste materials, safe and secure for everyone including children.

You can feel assured when using services from Natra Global for quality as well as price.

You want to buy the best quality dry ice making equipment, use the most ideal cleaning services, please contact Natra Global for more information through the website: https://natra.com.vn/lien-he